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The Conservatives are set to win an overall majority of 86 in the general election, according to an exit poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

The survey taken at UK polling stations suggests the Tories will get 368 MPs - 50 more than at the 2017 election - when all the results have been counted.

Labour would get 191, the Lib Dems 13, the Brexit Party none and the SNP 5 5

"We are now living with a growing sense of desperation to bring home those that we know are there," Whakatane Mayor Judy Turner told reporters. 

"The frustration of those families most affected is completely understandable."

What's the recovery plan?

Specialists from the New Zealand Defence Force went to the island on Friday morning to try to recover the bodies.

The team, kitted out with protective clothing and breathing apparatus, was flown from a naval frigate to the island on Friday morning local time. 

If the volcano erupts while they are on the island they could face the danger of magma, superheated steam, ash and rocks thrown at high speed, volcanologists say.

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Some 47 visitors from around the world were on the island when it erupted. Twenty-four were from Australia, nine from the US, five from New Zealand, four from Germany, two from China, two from the UK, and one from Malaysia.

GeoNet, New Zealand's geological hazard information site, said on Thursday there was a 50-60% chance of another eruption within the next 24 hours. 

But families of the victims have been growing increasingly desperate for the bodies to be recovered.